"Amy Montalvo is one of the most talented and visionary video producers to arrive on the scene in the past 5 years. Her company, ONEPASS Productions, befriends individuals, companies, churches, clubs, cities, and colleges, creatively offering productions with a purpose. Dream! Then call Amy."


Dr. J. Randall O’Brien

President – Carson-Newman College

Jefferson City, TN

Janice Magness - Director

The Burkhart Center for Austism Education and Research

Lubbock, TX

“This video was priceless as we shared the story of these dear children with our friends and family in the U.S. earlier this year.  It has been difficult to really describe to others what it looks and feels like here, and even more so to show how God is working in the lives of individual children in our care.  Previous videos that I have personally created and sent back to our home church only seem to tell half the story.  

Amy had an eye to see what is meaningful and important in our ministry and the video she created for us told the story with great poetry. The evidence of her success showed in the combination of wet eyes and joyful spirits that always filled the room when the video was finished. I believe that she gave people the opportunity to feel a connection with the ministry’s vision, and even with the lives of those we touch. That has a direct effect on the prayer and physical support that we so desperately need to continue changing lives.”

“The video that Amy Montalvo shot was extremely well-done. It has been put on the Burkhart Center website, and we have received many calls about it. Amy was able to combine the many aspects of the Burkhart Center and what we do into a brief, concise video that is appealing to everyone who views it. Amy’s work is amazing!”


Steve Graham

Programme Director – Children of Promise Ministries


"Amy founded ONEPASS Productions to combine journalism and film as a catalyst for social change. She was instrumental in visually telling the story of the Mnambiti community [Eastern Cape, South Africa] in the summer of 2009. Amy seamlessly became part of the project team, and she worked closely with the organization for two weeks in a remote location to capture the spirit and essence of the community. She exuded integrity, consistently exhibiting a can-do spirit in the midst of challenges. Perhaps most appreciated was Amy's professionalism. All work was timely, dependable and collaborative. We'd be pleased to work with Amy again."


“Amy seamlessly joined our team in rural South Africa as a videographer. She took hold quickly and timely turned out a great product. But her contributions to the Mnambiti Community Pre-School Project went well beyond that. Because Amy's perspective was cast through the lens of a storyteller, she quite naturally helped keep the project's trajectory aligned by offering up her sounding board at important junctures. Amy is plain great to work with, and I highly recommend ONEPASS to other orgs.”

Jennifer L. DuClos

Co-founder/Educational & Clinical Services Director  OnEducation

Boston, MA

Justin DuClos

President & Chairman - OnEducation

Boston, MA

“We have shown the video to our present donors and potential donors and we have received positive feedback - one of our present donors has increased funding this year because of the video.  The video will definitely help us to raise more donations for the organization.”

Young Qwase

General Manager – Zenzele

Khayelitsha, South Africa

"We now have a wonderful and inspiring video for our education initiative for  disadvantaged learners in Swakopmund. It is professional and attractive in its presentation and absolutely successful in delivering the message we need to convey. This is all thanks to Amy and her excellent work. Not only was the film footage of high quality, but once the difficult work of editing and linking different sections together began, Amy was patient, absolutely helpful and cooperative. Her contribution cannot be praised highly enough –  thank you, Amy, you are fabulous."


Vera Leech

Board Member – Mondesa Youth Opportunity Trust

Swakopmund, Namibia

“Working with Amy was a joy.... her vision is clear and precise, and as an added bonus, the process of filming was such an enjoyable experience! We now have a valuable resource with the click of a button, and the work of The Shine Centre is available for all to see. Amy intuitively understood who we are, and how to best portray this: Amy managed to capture the energy, spirit and ethos of The Shine Centre. The film is a huge gift to us and a highly valued and treasured resource. Thank you Amy!”

Kathryn Torres

Director of Outreach – The Shine Centre

Cape Town, South Africa

“The video Amy made of Ntuthuzo Ndzomo is one of the most evocative portrayals of the struggle for education in South Africa. It is rich and honest and conveys the sense of struggle in Equal Education's work. I recommend Amy's sharp eye to all activist organizations.”

Doron Isaacs

Coordinator - Equal Education

Cape Town, South Africa

Amy was so gracious and friendly during the days of filming.  When I saw the final product, I was amazed by how beautifully she had captured the ministry and the heart of our founders.  The video has been an excellent tool to share with family, friends, and churches so they can understand what Agape, the South African organization I've been involved with for over 3 years, is all about."

Amy Nelson

Full-time Volunteer

Agape Family Ministries

Grabouw, South Africa

“I have worked with many large agencies on multimedia projects and spent tons of money and time conceptualizing the story we wanted to tell in a short form.  A process that has taken months in the past took just a few weeks with Amy Montalvo and ONEPASS Productions.  Amy was masterful at working with us to understand our communication’s objectives and target audience, gathering the footage necessary to augment our existing library, and then putting it all together with such care that there was little need for revision.  We saved so much time and money with Amy.  I have recommended her to several people, and when I have my next video project, there is no doubt who I will call first."  

Shannon Maynard
Director – Bankers without Borders          
Grameen Foundation